Quilted  Creations by Ruth Y. Nott, Chiefland, FL
Sew What?
Quilts, Cross-body Bags, Purses, Totes
Bucky, Sasha and I would like to welcome you to Sew What?, our website for displaying and offering for sale quilted items I've created.  I love to quilt and it is an addiction, an avocation, a hobby and, now and then, it earns a little pocket change (to buy more fabric and keep quilting!). 

I have made many quilts over the years and continue to do so.  You can see the ones I currently have for sale by clicking on the "Quilts" navigation button on the left navigation bar.

However, my current passion is making cross-body bags, and other purses of varying styles.

I call the most popular cross-body bag the Handy-Purse because it is:

Handy to drop inside any handbag as a wallet by removing the strap.

Handy to use alone with strap attached as an over-the-shoulder or cross-body                      purse.

There is always a little quilted fabric left over after each Handy-Purse is made.  These bits I make into various miscellaneous items such as Tote Bags, Eyeglass Holders, Organizer Bags, and other simply styled small purses.

Occasionally I find another purse pattern I want to try so what you see here will vary from small to large.  Just look around and find one that suits your style or passion.

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